As crazy as it sounds, popcorn has a special place in my heart as it always makes me think of my dad. He has been making it since I was a child and still makes and loves it.

If I am going to make popcorn on the stove, like my dad always did, I slightly modify his recipe to cut back on some oil. If I am serving it to the kids, I don’t add the red pepper.


Dad’s healthier popcorn recipe

4 TBSP of Canola Oil (I sometimes use coconut or red palm oil)

1 cup popcorn (Please try to use organic popcorn as most corn is GMO)

A few flakes of red pepper (or more depending on how much kick you want)

Sea Salt (Celtic or Himalayan) is better for you than regular table salt

On high heat, add oil to the pan and throw in three kernels. When they pop add the rest of the popcorn. Turn the heat down slightly. Once the popping slows down, shake it and take it off the heat. Add salt to taste.

This makes a big pan and serves a family of four with leftovers (or a few people who love popcorn)!

Popcorn red palm oil

When I was pregnant with my second child (and trying not to gain as much as I did with my first). I purchased a popcorn maker. They are relatively inexpensive and don’t require using any oil. Once it was popped, I sprayed it with EVOO and added nutritional yeast (AKA nooch).

Popcorn automatic

Either way you make it, popcorn is a wonderful snack. It is less expensive than chips and healthier, too! How do you eat your popcorn?

For an extra special twist, check out this Valentine popcorn recipe (that is good anytime)!

Keep poppin’,


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