Putting in a patio

After moving into our new home, my husband decided to put in a patio. I’m sharing the process we went through in hopes it may help you, if you are thinking about putting in a patio.

After deciding we wanted a brick patio, we met with the building company to discuss or ideas and they drew up a plan. Then we went to pick out the color and style of the bricks. There were so many choices. I am a visual person, so thankfully they had an almost matching color combination on display at the warehouse.

A few weeks after that, we arranged for the process to begin. First, they removed our existing patio. This caused ants to invade out kitchen, which also happened to my neighbor. So it may be a good idea to take preventative measures. It wasn’t a big issue for us as the children had fun spraying the ants with our favorite natural cleaner and they were gone in no time.

Be prepared for a large amount of stones, bricks, mud  and equipment to be in front and back of your home.

After a few days, they came back to level the dirt and lay rocks for the foundation. The whole process was supposed to take about 5 days. However, they can’t work in the rain, so had to skip a few days.

Next, they placed the wall and made the fire pit. They had to cut the stones, so this took a full day.

They pounded the rocks and placed the bricks around the border and ground.  After a few minor issues (ants and electric problems), we have a wonderful patio that we can’t wait to enjoy this spring!

Are you thinking of putting in a patio? If you have put in a patio, was it a similar process?



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