Reset your appetite

Do you need to reset your appetite? Have you every felt like you were eating too much; eating junk and/or mindlessly eating?

I have found that when I am in this mode, my body needs a reboot and a fresh start. By taking a few days to really focus on what I am eating and eat healthy, it feels so much better and makes healthier choices is so much easier.

benefits of reseting

After trying a few different juice cleanses and other programs, I was left feeling very hungry (and cranky)! However, after joining Shaklee and learning about a popular five day reset, I decided to try a reboot utilizing veggies and several of their products. I could still eat food and reboot! I finally found what I needed!

The reset is very simple: eat mainly fruits and vegetables.

reset challenge

If you are like me and love the support and motivation a group has to offer, I’d love to recharge with you! Email me at (with the subject line: RESET). I can answer any questions; provide more information and reset with you.

Additionally, to better remove the toxic junk from my body, I add the following natural and effective products:
liver dtx*
180 smoothee*
180 snack bar*
herb lax*
raw veggies
organic lemons for your water

* Indicates a Shaklee product. For more information, please check out my Shaklee website HERE; click on the purple links above or contact me.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of resetting for yourself? If so, please email me at (subject line RESET). Once you order some products,  and I will add you to our private online forum and give you all the details you will need to support you on your 5 day detox! The online forum provides access to our online group, a free printable, daily emails, recipes, daily motivation & encourage, a healthy community, and a healthier body!

 You can also check out a video by clicking here. 

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