Healthier Buckeye cookies

If you are from the great state of Ohio, you probably have had buckeyes. They are a delicious candy/cookie concoction made essentially from peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar. One day, I came up with the brilliant (well, I think it is brilliant) idea to use my no-bake protein “cookie” recipe (click here) as the base for a healthier buckeye cookie!


Healthier Buckeye cookies

  1. Make the No-bake protein cookies
  2. Refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes
  3. Coat the pan (to melt the chocolate) with coconut oil
  4. Melt chocolate*
  5. Use a toothpick to dip the cookie into the melted chocolate*
  6. Let cool
  7. Enjoy!

*The pictures below better explain this process. Many thanks to my lovely and talented mother for her buckeye making expertise.

It is best to use a double broiler to melt chocolate. However, I don’t have one, so my genius mom put a bowl on top of a pan of  hot water.

double broiler

The water doesn’t need to be boiling, just hot. Stir the chocolate to melt and to ensure it doesn’t burn.

Stir buckeye chocolate

Make sure the chocolate is melted, but that it isn’t too hot (you don’t want it to burn).

Dip buckeye

Using a toothpick, dip most of the cookie in chocolate. Place on a plate or cookie sheet to cool.

buckeye dip

Enjoy and try not to eat the whole batch!

Sweetly yours,


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