My current favorites from Trader Joe’s

Recently a Trader Joe’s opened close to our home. My children love going to push the little shopping carts, to sample new treats and to find the strawberry (to get a lollipop). There are so many unique items there, I was unsure what to try first.

Some of the treats we have been enjoying are:

TJ yogurt
1. TJ’s greek and organic yogurt

2. TJ’s hummus
3. Havarti cheese

TJ Coconut water
4. Keifer and coconut water

TJ PB and cookie thins

5. Desserts: Lemon or Coconut cookies; lemon pound cake; spooktaclar peanut butter. (These are an occasional treat and not the healthiest of choices).


TJ Veggie chips

6. Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips
7. Organic 85% dark chocolate bars

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