What to pack for Italy

Ciao, Italia. Just saying those words makes me happy. Recently, we were blessed with an opportunity to go to Italy. In July, we went to Florence, Siena and Rome. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

However, I had no idea what to pack! I scoured our itinerary and the internet for clues and would love to share what I learned with you.

Seven essentials to bring to Italy

1. Pack at least two pairs of comfy shoes. Depending on the time of year you go, may determine what type of shoes you need. In the hot summer, sandals are a must. Walking on the cobblestone roads and narrow sidewalks calls for flats or very low platforms/heals. If you don’t need to be dressy, sneakers will work great. You walk a lot! You may also want to bring bandaids and/or blister bandaids – although their pharmacias carry them.

2. Bring an adaptor and/or converter.

3. If you stay in an authentic Italian hotel (not a chain) you will most likely not be given a washcloth. If this is essential, pack a few of your own.

4. For longer hair, pack hair ties, barrettes or something to keep your hair back. I found it very hard to use my flatiron (hello burning smell), so I just gave up and went au natural. If you would like to dry your hair, I would bring a hair dryer or call the hotel to make sure they can provide one.

5. Bring clothes that don’t need ironed. We were told that it was a security risk to have irons in the room and were charged 18 Lira to have clothes ironed.

6. If you have early tours, a travel alarm clock might be helpful to you. For whatever reason, we couldn’t get our cell phones to sync to the correct time (have I mentioned we aren’t the most tech savvy people)


IMG_2697 IMG_3186 IMG_2969

7. Bring your camera (with extra memory) and your sense of adventure!


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