Lost cat

I’ve seen signs for lost cats and dogs before and I’m ashamed to admit I sometimes thought, “How could you lose a pet?” This thinking is pretty much the same as before having children, I may have smugly said to myself, “I will never have a snot-nosed kid” or “My kid will never throw tantrums.” Well, karma slapped me in the face for those pre-baby comments and is doing it again now. Our little kitty has been missing for two days now. Well, he isn’t really a kitty. He is going on eleven. However, we still call him a kitty.
We had a few friends over Saturday night. However, he was hiding in his favorite spot in my closet. I checked on him a few times that evening, so didn’t think much of it when I didn’t see him before bed. Even after not seeing him when waking up, we weren’t too worried. He normally makes himself scarce on the weekends and comes out at night after the kids go to bed. Sometimes he doesn’t come out from his newfound hiding spot for hours at a time, even when called. So, at first we weren’t very worried.  But as Sunday progressed, we started to get worried and the search began.


We sat around the table Sunday evening sharing our favorite memories about our little kitty. We shared how he would sit on the chair at the dinner table like he was going to eat food; how he licked yogurt off our fingers and how he would “talk” when we put our hand up and opened and closed it. We also told the kids how we got Tux: After my husband (then boyfriend) and I had to move from St. Petersburg to Ft. Myers for his new job, I was less than pleased.  So, I convinced him that getting a cat was a good idea. We saw a flyer for a free cat by our apartment’s mailbox. Shortly thereafter, there was a hurricane and the sign was gone. However, we had previously written down the contact information, called the number and went to get our new cat. The gentleman who found the cat said he ran into his work (a water treatment plant) and he took him home.  He named him Tux because he thought his coat looked like a tuxedo.
Little Tuxey cat moved with us several times around Florida. He also watched my two babies grow up.
So now, it is with a sad heart that I too am one of “those” people posting signs and in neighborhood Facebook group asking for others to please be on the look out for my lost cat. Not only am I sad for my lost, probably scared cat, I am also sad that I had thoughts that I wouldn’t ever be in this situation.

We miss you little guy!

UPDATE: I am so happy to update this post: This morning while getting ready for school, the kids and I heard our doorbell ring. We ran to our door to find our wonderful neighbor and friend holding Tux! We are so blessed and thankful that she saw him and cared enough to follow and to bring him home to safety. We can never thank you enough, Lindsey!  XOXO

This is the best Christmas gift ever!!!

Learning and growing,

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  1. Michelle Reed says:

    Hi Stephanie – I clicked the link on your email and saw this wonderful blog – how fun!

    I am glad you found Tux – you must have been sick with worry. The helpless feeling of a lost pet is so hard.

    You never know, Tux probably had the time of his life roaming and discovering new things, while you were sick with worry!

    At least that is what I pretended when my parents lost my little guy when they were pet-sitting for me. 🙂

    Happy you have your Tux home safe and sound!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Michelle! Thank you. We were so worried about him. I can’t believe my wonderful neighbor/friend saw and caught him! He is still trying to escape, so he must have had fun (or really doesn’t like when my daughter tries to hug him)! Thank you!

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