Our trip to Italy: Siena

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Day 4 of our trip to Italy, included a tasting at Ruffino’s Gretole Estate in the Chianti Classico region followed by lunch.


We also stopped at the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial.

Florence American Cemetery

checked into Hotel Castel Bigozzi in the province of Siena.

We visited the small town of San Gimignano.

San Gimignano

Dinner was at La Casalta Restaurant.

La Casalta

Day 5 was a free morning. We opted for a massage at the hotel and a walk around town.

In the afternoon, we explored the city of Siena and joined the city’s contrade, or neighborhoods, to prepare for the next day’s Palio events.

Contrada dinner

We had a contrada dinner in Siena.

Day 6 was a free morning, too. In the afternoon, we returned to Siena to experience the Palio di Siena horse race from a balcony right on the Piazzo del Campo. The picture below is of the opening ceremony.


Contrada opening

Below is a picture of the horses at the start line. They didn’t have very many rules, so it took a while to start the race.

Contrada start

Once the race started, it was fairly quick. This year didn’t have anything too crazy (the prior year a jockey punched another jockey and fell off the horse!)

Contrada race

We had a late dinner back at the hotel.

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