Healthy cleanse days 4 and 5

Healthy cleanse days 4 and 5


Day 4:

This morning was a fasting morning as I had blood work. However, I have been trying to do a 12 hour fast daily, so it was no sweat! After the blood work was completed, I had a Lifeshake! I put 8 ounces of water in a shaker bottle and then add the protein to a container, for a healthy meal on-the-go. I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30, so brought a banana (to eat 1/2). I should have packed a little more because I had to wait at the doctors!

When I came home, I was starving and so glad that I had made hard-boiled eggs; stir fried cauliflower and bought some more fruit! I finished lunch with an energy tea and lemon juice.

For snack, I enjoyed some raspberries – my favorite! Dinner is sautéed kale and onions with raspberries for desert.

I’m so happy my cravings for processed food and sweets are gone and I am feeling a lot less bloated!

pumpkin smoothie

Day 5:

Hooray it is Friday! I’m feeling amazing! Today can be the last day of the cleanse or it can be continued for seven days.

For breakfast, I had a Lifeshake! and snacked on apples and 1/2 a banana. Dinner was a salad and these adorable carrots.

Aren’t these carrots so cute?


During this reset, I lost four pounds and six inches!

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