Healthy Cleanse days 2 and 3

Healthy Cleanse days 2 and 3


Day 2:

I was hungry shortly after I woke up, but made sure to drink a glass of lemon water and regular water before having two clementines and 1/4 cup of coffee.

After getting the children off to school, I ate a Granny Smith apple on the way to volunteering in my little one’s class.

When volunteering was done, it was 11:30 and I was getting hungry. So, I smacked on some green beans while I went to take some classes for work. I made sure to drink lots of water. Not only is it good for you, but getting up for more water and to use the restroom is a welcome break from sitting.

I returned home at 1:00 and had a smoothie made with water, chocolate Lifeshake and mint. Then, took the dog for a walk; dusted and vacuumed. When my oldest got home from school, we did homework, went to basketball, picked up my youngest and came home to make dinner.

The kids wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese, which is great because it was easy and I wasn’t tempted to sample it while cooking (to see what it needed, of course). For me, I made a salad with EVOO, lemon, vinegar and garlic powder. I also warmed up some cauliflower with EVOO, garlic and an onion. I was still hungry, so had a hard-boiled egg, too! Guess I should have let the food digest a bit because now I am stuffed! It’s 9:30 and I’m still full. It’s time for the evening supplements and getting ready for bed.


Day 3:

Today was amazing! I weighed myself and lost two pounds of water weight! Even better is that I feel less bloated and my cravings are drastically reduced. For breakfast, I had two glasses of water, a clementine and 1/2 a banana. Then, was off to tax class. Because I would be gone for about four hours, I packed an apple and Lifeshake. They are so convenient and good for you!

When I got home from class, I has an apple, cauliflower and some grapes for snack.  For dessert, I had energy tea. My daughter wanted to go to Panera for dinner, so I got their go green salad. It was good and reset friendly, but next time I will get lemons and EVOO for the dressing.

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