Mud run tips

Last month, a few friends and I participated in Chicago’s Mudderella. After running the race, we talked about some Mudderella (or any mud run) tips for next year. I’d love to share them with you, so you can enjoy them and hear your tips if you have done one!

  1. Wear tight clothing. Spandex Capri pants and a cotton top are a good choice. They help to cover your knees while you are crawling and climbing.
  2. Wear shoes (and clothes) you don’t mind getting dirty. This is pretty self explanatory.
  3. Wear bikini bathing suit bottoms under your capris or shorts. This way, you can shower and get into clean clothes quickly. They also will be less likely to be mud stained.
  4. Don’t wear glasses. You will be doing all kinds of obstacles and they will most likely fall off.
  5. Bring with you into the race (and check or leave with a spectator): a towel, pair of flip-flops and change of clothes. You may also want some soap. However, our shower was freezing, so I didn’t use any. The picture below is of me AFTER rinsing off.
  6. Your teamwork mindset. To me, this wasn’t really a traditional race because it wasn’t timed. Instead, people focused on helping eachother and finishing rather than making good time individually.

Have you done a mud race? If so, I would live to hear your tips in the comments below! 

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