Valentine popcorn

We try to eat healthy and sometimes finding healthy snacks (that everyone agrees on) can be challenging. Popcorn is my go-to snack when I get in one of those I-need-to-really-snack moods. I wanted something that was salty, crunchy an sweet. With it being close to Valentine’s day, I thought using something red would be fun….and Valentine popcorn was created. To my delight, everyone enjoyed this snack. I hope you do, too!

Valentine popcorn recipe

Valentine Popcorn
2 TBSP of coconut oil
1/2 cup popcorn (Please try to use organic popcorn as most corn is GMO)
Sea Salt (Celtic or Himalayan) is better for you than regular table salt
Optional Add-ins (below)

On high heat, add oil to the pan and throw in three kernels. When they pop add the rest of the popcorn. Turn the heat down slightly. Once the popping slows down, shake it and take it off the heat. Add salt to taste.

Nuts (raw almonds and cashews are delicious)
Dried cranberries or rasins*
Healthier red chocolate

milk chocolate healthier

*Please try to buy cranberries that don’t have a lot of other ingredients added. I used the cranberries below. You can also use raisins. They are just a little darker.


You can also cheek out this homemade popcorn  recipe for a different popcorn variation.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on social media.

Happy snacking,

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