Six tips for better health

At the start of each new year, many people resolve to get healthier. Therefore, I’m sharing six tips for better health to hopefully inspire you and help with your journey to better health.

six tips for better health

I have always been interested in striving for better health. To me, being healthier is much more than simply eating better. I believe being healthy involves various aspects of your life such as your physical well being; your emotional well being and your spiritual well being. These six tips to better health help with those areas.

6 tips to better health:

  1. Find at least five minutes in your day to calm your mind. There are many ways to do this, such as meditation; prayer; spending time in nature; reading self-help books or journaling. I like to have some quiet time in the morning when I first awake and also right before bed. Find what works for you and your schedule.walk in nature
  2. Add more vegetables and water to your diet. For most of us, we are not getting enough water and veggies each day. An easy way to assist with upping your water intake is to drink a glass when you first wake up. Then, fill a water bottle and take it with you. For example, if you are at an office, set it by your desk. Drink, fill and repeat. To add more veggies to your life, start by keeping them in the house! Joining a co-op is a fun and economical way to always have fresh veggies on hand (and support local farmers). If you are strapped for time and funds, buying bags of frozen veggies (preferably organic) and throwing them in a pan on the stove with a little water while you are making dinner is a nice alternative. Viola! Instant veggies. You can also try this easy quinoa recipe or sweet potato recipe. They are two of my most used recipes in our home! Another easy way to get more veggies in your life is to throw some in a smoothie. I love to start my day with a smoothie and greens. Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes.


3. Reduce one not-so-good-item from your diet each month. We all know things we eat too frequently that maybe aren’t the best for us. My vice is sugar. Other frequent offenders are: alcohol, processed foods, red meat and toxins. There are some tips to help reduce an item from your diet here and tips to remove toxins by going green here. It normally takes about thirty days to make something a habit, so if one item is your focus each month, you can reduce twelve items this year!

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4. Exercise. We all know we should exercise. However, finding and dedicating the time to exercise can be another story. Start small (walk for 5 minutes, turn around and walk back) or start your day with a few sun salutations. After staring at the computer for an hour, turn on some fun tunes and dance around. Notice how this makes you feel and schedule some regular workout times on your calendar. Fifteen minutes is better than nothing!

5. Make a to-do list. This can be for a project you are working on or you can jot every task floating around in your head on a piece of paper (or two). Each day focus on getting one task done from the list. Once you get caught up with your to-do list, you can have daily tasks such as dedicating 5 minutes of each day to your home. This can be a daily put-away session or a declutter-a-thon. When you home is in order, your life tends to be in better order. This can help with your mental well-being.


6. Surround your self with a positive support system. Find an accountability partner to help you in your goals. This can be a friend, family member, exercise buddy or online support group. If you need help in this area, the FB group Get healthy with Sharing A to Z is a nice place to start.

I hope these tips help inspire you for a healthier year. What are your favorite tips for better health? I would love to hear them in the comments below or on social media!

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