Back-to-School checklist

Can you believe it is back to school time? To be better prepared, I created a back-to-school checklist.

Back-to-school Checklist:

  • School supplies
  • First day outfits washed and ready
  • School shoes
  • Lunch boxes and lunch menu ready
  • Meet the teacher gift
  • Extra nutrition for a healthy school year

Back-to-school time also means colds and sickness are more prevalent. However, you can change this! In our home, we have taken prevention measures and my children are rarely sick!

 Some of the things we do to promote health are:
-wash are hands when coming in from school/outside and before we eat
-try to eat healthy
-drink lots of  water
-take wonderful vitamins.

incredivites kids

Vitamins can help to fill in some of the nutritional gaps between what my children eat and all the nutrients their bodies need. Doing so, we don’t spend as much of our time at the doctor’s office, which we all like!

Back to school fighters

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If you want to learn more about how you as a mom (or dad) can strengthen you immunity, you can read about vitalizer here and you should supplement here.


How do you get ready for the new school year?

Best wishes,

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