Favorite Hair brush

I love finding out favorite products of my friends and family. Do you, too? If so, I am starting a Friday favorite blogging tradition! My love of shopping and searching out wonderful products can now help you, too!

My favorite hairbrush is the Wet Brush. When my daughter’s hairdresser first recommended it, it was only sold in salons. Now, I have seen it at Target!

favorite hairbrush

It is great on wet and dry hair. Additionally, it isn’t just for children. I was shocked to find out that my hairdresser also used in on me! We have three! One to use upstairs after baths; one for downstairs when we get ready for school and a small one for when we travel!

Below is a picture of my daughters hair before brushing it (after just waking up).

before hair

This is a picture of my daughter’s hair after brushing it with the Wet brush. I didn’t use detangling spray or anything! (If I did, it would be even smoother and have some shape.)

After hair


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This post was not compensated in any way by Wet Brush. They have no idea who I am. I just like sharing some of my favorite products! 


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