Losing weight: Let’s do this!

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight (myself included). Now is a great time to start fresh – especially after all of the holiday treats! Are you looking for something to help your with your goal to get healthier? Well, Shaklee can help! They have several programs and I would love to help you find the perfect one for you. Let’s do this…together! You can click on the links for further descriptions from my Shaklee site or please email me at SharingAtoZ@gmail.com.

  1. **Shaklee Turnaround Kit: This program includes smoothies, meal replacement bars, snacks, energizing tea and a boost for your metabolism. It helps you lose fat and keep muscle! This kit includes two Shaklee meals a day with a few snacks and tea. It is perfect for someone trying to lose weight.
  2. **Shaklee Lean and Healthy Kit: This includes smoothies and Shaklee’s multi-vitamin pack. This kit is designed for one smoothie and vitamin pack a day. It is a great way to introduce a healthier lifestyle!
  3. Body reboot:  To get a jumpstart on weight loss or to stop cravings, this five day body reboot may be right for you.

**Until 1/31/15, Shaklee is offering a free box of meal bars with both of these kits! That is a $30 value!

Turnaround kit

Shaklee is different from anything you’ve tried before because the Shaklee 180 Program is Powered by Leucine®—an essential amino acid—and is designed so that nearly every pound you shed is fat.*

Are you ready for your turn around? If so, click here to order and join me in a healthier 2015!

Let’s do this together!

You can also check out a 180 video by clicking here.  For more information about Shaklee, click here and for more information about the savings you get by becoming a member, click here.

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* Based on a preliminary 12-week clinical study and skin fold caliper measurements to estimate lean body mass and fat mass.


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