Crock pot stuffing


Orchestrating a holiday meal can be a very stressful task. I always have trouble with the dishes being ready at the same time, especially when the oven is packed full of yummy goodies. This recipe for crock pot stuffing is something that my parents came up with to help alleviate the stuffed oven issue. It doesn’t have that many ingredients, but it is big on flavor. Enjoy!

Crock pot stuffing

Crock pot stuffing

1 yellow onion, chopped

4 stalks of celery, chopped

4 carrots, chopped

2 to 4 cups of broth (start with 2 and work up – It also depends on how dry you like your stuffing)

1 loaf of bread (I used 1/2 whole wheat; 1/2 oatmeal and some slices of Ezekiel to give it some nice color variation)

1 T Poultry seasoning

1 T Salt (I like Celtic or Himalaya sea salt)

*Random side note: I like to use Bragg liquid aminos in place of or in addition to salt. However, don’t use Bragg liquid aminos in this recipe.

Rip the bread into pieces and set out overnight.

stuffing bread

When ready to cook, saute the onion, celery and carrots in butter. Line the sides of the crock pot with coconut oil or butter.

Stuffing carrots, onion, celery

Put the bread (which has been set out to dry) in the crock pot. Add broth to taste. We normally add just enough to make it moist. However, please keep in mind, the crock pot will add moisture and you can always add more broth later. Add some poultry seasoning, salt and pepper to taste. Cook on low for three to four hours (depending on the temperature of your crock pot). Enjoy!

How do you make your stuffing? I would love to hear it in this comments below or on my Facebook page!

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