Pantry organization with the De-clutter Challenge

I love to shop and have a hard time parting with things. As a result, controlling clutter is a constant struggle. So, the 91 day de-clutter challenge on Mary Organizes, has me very excited. During the challenge, each week you focus on one room or area and each day you focus on a new task. So, it isn’t too overwhelming.

The focus of this week was the kitchen and pantry. As my pantry became more organized, a simple, but now glaringly obvious realization occurred: if it remained better organized, then duplicate or similar items wouldn’t be bought at the grocery store. Additionally, meal and snack prep would me easier as each item had an area and items were much more visible. Saving time and money has me motivated to keep it organized.

This is the finished project.



The steady progress of my de-cluttering effort is so exciting and I can’t wait to de-clutter more. Do you need to de-clutter, too? If so, check out and the 91 day challenge.

How has reducing clutter simplified your life?

Items seen in post:

OXO Good Grips turntable (I got mine on Amazon)

31 Your way Cube

31 Hang-Up Home organizer

White bins are from Target and Walmart

Vitamins and Supplements


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