Beach vacation 

On our last day of vacation, I got up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean.

I came out onto the balcony so excited and was greeted with cold, windy and cloudy conditions. There was no sunrise to be seen this morning. My younger self would have probably been upset and frustrated. While I was a little bummed, as it was the last day of vacation, so I couldn’t try again tomorrow, I used the early morning, quiet time to listen to the calming ocean sounds and did some yoga.

Looking out onto the ocean, the clouds made the ocean look smaller, as if it had an end, when an ocean is normally so vast. I read somewhere that people like coming to the ocean because it is a great way to reconnect with nature and remind you how small your problems and you really are. 

Before I knew it an hour had past and I got to have a peaceful, quiet morning all to myself, which is almost as special as a sunrise over the ocean.

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