Healthy through the holidays

The holidays are such a wonderful time filled with family, traditions and memories. However, they are often times filled with sweets and excuses not to exercise, which can lead to weight gain. Previously when I have when I have enjoyed the holidays in a carefree and unplanned style, I have gained weight. Each year, it takes longer and longer to lose the weight.

Last year, I had a plan and didn’t gain weight. This year, I am going to be healthy through the holidays and attempt to lose weight. Would you like to join me and my team?

I do so much better when I focus on health and exercise with a group. The accountability and support are priceless!


This year, my Shaklee team and I are going to work together to make this the best and healthiest holiday season yet! We would love for you to join us! Interested, read on.

We are so excited that you have chosen to learn more about how you can stay healthy this holiday season with Shaklee! We are personally committed to your success in this group. We intend to provide you with all of the tools, tips, recipes and inspiration you could possibly need to exceed all of your goals. We will walk alongside you on this journey and we hope that you can experience and participate with us in this community. We would love for you to connect and encourage each other to stay healthy this holiday season!

On our Shaklee team, we always talk about the importance of striving to reach healthier goals. We realize that the holidays, on top of the demands of everyday life, can be extremely draining. Not to mention how tired we feel after a night of binge eating. We envisioned a group of men and women dedicated to investing in their health and commitment to making healthier choices throughout the holidays. We couldn’t think of a better way to start our own health journey then by working together to stay lean and healthy this holiday season.

We will be posting here more of the benefits of joining our exclusive Facebook group but first let me tell you how you can get full access.

We have three different kits that will get you to qualify.

1. Shaklee Life Plan
2. Vitalizing Plan
3. Turnaround Kit

Proper nutrition is the key to anyone’s health. So to ensure that we stay healthy this holiday season we are going to be replacing one of our meals with Shaklee’s like shake. It is packed with protein, pre and probiotics and all of our omega-3’s! We will also be having a daily supplement to ensure that we are getting the proper nutrients that we need and maybe lacking this holiday season!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to stay healthy this holiday season together!

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