Start exercising

Do you want to start exercising? I do. So many times I have started, stuck with it for a while and then stopped. I’m getting tired of this routine and the excuses that accompany it. Then one day, it just clicked. I realized a short opportunity to exercise each day and vowed to stick with it.

I have a dog that needs walked (you can read more about him here), which is a great excuse to exercise. However, I also have two younger children with a husband that has a very busy schedule. One day a light bulb went off and I realized the 20 minute window when he comes home from working out and gets ready before leaving for work is my 20 minute window where I can get in a quick jog and walk the dog! Double-win!

As I was walking, I felt compelled to share this realization on the blog to hopefully help someone else. I know life is busy, but finding even twenty minutes to exercise can really help your body and mind. Look at your schedule and find time to squeeze in a twenty minute walk. If it is too hot or cold or you have children, squeeze in a quick DVD or youtube video. I love yoga with Adriene on youtube.

Do you have any exercise habits you would like to share? What are your favorite workout videos? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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