Teacher gifts

There are many times during the year that teacher gifts are given. Therefore, I wanted to share some of my teacher gift ideas.

Teacher Gift Ideas

1. Gift cards: practical, easy to obtain and wrap. I have asked several teachers and they have said these are their favorite gift. Sure, they aren’t very personalized, but how many apple and #1 teacher items can one person use?  Additionally, my children’s school has the room mom ask the teacher their favorite things early in the year, so you can personal the gift cards to the teacher’s favorite things!

2. Food: Does your family have a signature food or teacher have a favorite food? You could give ready-to-make ingredients or something already made. Protein bites are a fun and easy thing to make (1st picture) or you can give something special to your family, like Slovak Kiffles or Kolachi in the 2nd picture.

3. Multipurpose lotion:
This stuff can do so many things (you can read about them here) and I love to give it with some cozy socks.

4. Scented Lotion: This stuff is a perfect Halloween, Thanksgiving or anytime gift!

5. Cute mason jars with energy tea: I saw these cute mason jars, so added some cute filler and my favorite energy tea and snack bar for a great energy boost!

6. Plant or Flowers: There is just something so beautiful and special about flowers! I especially love giving potted flowers that can last a long time.

7. Natural cleaning products: They are around lots of germs. So, show them you care about their health and the environment! These germ wipes and Basic H are sure to help with natural cleaning.

8. Summer basket: How about a basket of summer essentials to help them prepare for one of their favorite times of year! You can load it with a beach towel, sunblock, a water bottle, magazines and anything else you use for the summer time fun!

9. Give the gift of health: Here are some gift ideas.

What do you give your teachers? Are you a teacher? If so, what was your favorite teacher gift? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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