Declutter the pantry

When you declutter the pantry, there are many benefits achieved. The first and most obvious is the aesthetic appeal. The second, is that items are grouped in a way where you know what you have. This can save money on buying multiples of items. Third, it can make cooking more enjoyable.

declutter the pantry

So, when Mary Organizes started their annual decluttering challenge, I was ready to jump in. In August, we moved from sunny Florida to the windy Chicago area. So, I got rid of some items before the move. However, I rushed to unpack, so rooms aren’t set up as I would like them to be.

pantry before

So, I pulled items out of their storage bins and cleaned the bins. When I put the items back, I grouped them accordingly. I have a small bin set up for everyday vitamins. I have a larger bin set up for other vitamins. (Yes, we love our vitamins!) I also have bins for snacks, dry goods and the dinners I will be preparing for the week. Having a bin that holds all of the meals for the week, really has made cooking and meal prep easier! Almost everything is in one place!

Additionally, I made sure to use up some of the multiple items and organized the rest. Here is the after picture. It isn’t Martha Stewart worthy yet, but I believe it is a big improvement.

pantry after

How do you like to organize your pantry? I’m always up for ways to improve and sharing ideas to help others!

Happy organizing,

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