Hangover help the natural way

hangover help

Are you looking for hangover help the natural way? Sometimes, especially around the holidays, it is easy to have one too many alcoholic beverages.  If that happens to you, these products can help without adding any more junk into your system. You can take these products before bed or first thing in the morning (or both if you had two or three too many). Make sure to drink plenty of water, too! To be sure my water is clean, I love the Get Clean water set.

Shaklee Performance®

Pure Hydration Drink

Performance supports optimal hydration. It comes in lemon-lime or orange. We buy the larger size for extra savings! This is also great to have on hand for stomach bugs!


Liver DTX Complex

Helps maintain normal liver function*

Liver DTX helps your body excrete toxic compounds.


High potency B vitamins with patented folic acid delivery system.

B complex are vital for healthy energy function. I have also noticed they help with cravings and moods!



Some of my favorite wine selections are listed here. Please enjoy responsibly and be sure to have a designated driver!


hangover help natural

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