Christmas in Chicago

christmas in chicago

This is my husband and my first Christmas as a family in Chicago. If you are new to the blog – Welcome! I grew up in the Midwest, so enjoyed many white Christmases. However,  I moved to Florida in May of 2000. So, for the last fifteen years, I have been in the sunny warm climate for Christmas. My children were born in Florida and have never seen snow or the change of seasons. You can read more about that here. It is actually kind of funny that last year I said I wanted to change the fact that my kids have never had a white Christmas. Well, I thought moving them to the Chicago would be a sure way to change that!


The kids loved seeing snow for the first time a few weeks ago. However, there is no snow in the forecast for Christmas! That’s alright. I’m sure there will be more this winter for us to enjoy!


What are your favorite Christmas traditions? You can read more about mine here.

Merry Christmas,

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