What is in your vitamins?

If you take vitamins, do you know what is in them? (If you don’t take vitamins, please read this.) There are a LOT of companies that manufacture vitamins. Please make sure if you are taking vitamins that you are getting what you think you are getting and paying for. 
Have you seen the recent news articles about several large manufacturers not producing quality vitamins? If not, one link is here. 
One of the things I love about Shaklee is that their supplements are actually whole food supplements that are made from real ingredients and are totally pure! After researching the products and the company, I use and trust Shaklee for myself and my family. Shaklee also backs up every product and ingredient!
Here is a list of 5 simple questions to ask a company before purchasing their supplements. To make it a little easier on you and you fact finding quest, the names and phone numbers of some of the more popular supplement companies are listed below. 

1. Are your final products organic and free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals?

Seeing the words “natural” and “organic” on the label or website unfortunately may not be enough. The “Organic” farm listed on the website does not tell you anything about the finished product.  The pill or shake that you ingest must be without any pesticides, herbicides, metals, chemicals, GMO, antibiotics, growth hormones, or any other nasty stuff. How does the company prove the finished product is free of these contaminants?

2. What are the ingredients in the product, and what country did they come from?

90% of supplement ingredients come from China where banned pesticides and chemicals are used. Remember, when it’s “natural” and out of the ground, the chemicals and sprays come along and never leave.

3. Is each bottle (not random testing) proven to be free from pesticides, heavy metals and lead?

Where is the scientific information to back up that claim and who tests it? It must be tested by a 3rd party NOT associated with the company. If it isn’t tested by a 3rd party, it’s like asking a child to check their own homework.

4. Who does the clinical studies on their products?

It must be associations not receiving profits from the sale of the product. Ask for copies. Must be more than 1 or 2. What doctors are on their research board? MAKE SURE THE DOCTORS DON’T OWN THE COMPANY.

5. Have results from studies of this product been published in trusted medical journals?

For example, clinical studies must be done on the bottled juice, not just clinical studies on the berries before juicing. Some examples of medical journals are: JAMA, American Journal of clinical nutrition. Do not trust journals that are made up or have no meaning in the scientific community.

Here is the information to call some of the bigger companies directly

Isagenix: 1-877-877-8111                              MonaVie: 1-866-956-1848

Body-by-Vi: 1-877-847-2587                       Juice Plus- no corporate # available

Shaklee: 1-800-SHAKLEE                           Melaleuca: 1-800-742-8094

Mannatech: 1-888-346-4636                      Body Wise: 1-800-830-9596

Herbalife: 1-866-866-4744                          Advocare: 1-800-542-4800

New Chapter: 1-800-543-7249                   Shakeology: 1-800-818-5174

Standard Process: 1-800-558-8740           Qivana: 1-800-378-0198

If you’re not taking Vitalizer, please make sure you getting everything you’re paying for.

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