Slovak New Year Traditions



I believe traditions make holidays more fun. That is one reason why I make sure to celebrate my Slovak traditions whenever I can. Ever since I was little, we washed our face with a Silver Dollar on New Year’s Day. It is supposed to mean money for the rest of the year. Now that I am older (and a borderline germ-a-phone), this is not my favorite Slovak tradition, but I am not about to test it! I do not want to be without money this or any year.

Another New Year’s Day tradition is having Pork and Sauerkraut. I don’t believe it is just a Slovak New Year’s Day tradition as many people partake in this tradition, however we still celebrate with it. Sauerkraut is thought to bring blessings and wealth for the new year. Pig’s snouts are said to root forward instead of backward, signifying progress.

Now that I don’t eat much meat, I just eat the sauerkraut, with a single bite of kielbasa (for some reason my immediate family uses kielbasa instead of actual pork). I also love to enjoy the Slovak Christmas traditions of Mushroom Soup and Kiffles

What are you New Year’s Eve and/or Day traditions?

Happy New Year

Happy and healthy New Year,

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