Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are an important part of pregnancy. One of my frequently asked questions is: what are the best prenatal vitamins to take while pregnant?  Unfortunately, I did not discover Shaklee until after my pregnancies, however many ladies in my Shaklee family are pregnant and have been pregnant while utilizing Shaklee (some even swear it helped them to get pregnant)! Whatever supplements you choose to use while pregnant (and afterward)  I hope you research and choose wisely. You are feeding another person now! I chose Shaklee supplements and swear by them.

Shaklee’s been around for over 50 years and is the number one natural nutrition company in the USA.  You can read more about the Shaklee difference here.

I am not a doctor but Shaklee has lots of doctors on board and this is what they recommend for pregnancy. Below is a short 5 minute video from one of them:

Because the nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation are unique to this stage of a women’s life, we strongly urge all women who are pregnant or nursing to discuss the use of dietary supplements with their obstetrician. 

However, along with our general recommendation to eat a healthywell balanced diet to ensure pregnant and nursing women are meeting their nutritional needs, we also recommend a combination of Shaklee supplements that can be used as alternatives to a standard prenatal vitamin once discussed with the Obstetrician.

An excellent “Shaklee alternative” would be:

2 tablets of Vita-Lea with Iron

2 tablets of B complex for the basic prenatal nutrients, in particular folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects

For women who do not drink milk or eat the recommended number of servings of dairy foods the addition of:

2-4 tablets of OsteoMatrix can help meet needs for calcium,vitamin D and other bone health nutrients

To provide a safe and beneficial amount of omega three fatty acids (ie. DHA):

3 softgel capsules of OmegaGuard per day are recommended to support fetal brain development

It is not uncommon for some pregnant women to need additional iron:

1 tablet of Iron plus C can be added providing an additional 18 mg of Iron and 60 mg of Vitamin C

And lastly:

Shaklee 180 meal smoothie prepared as directed, and used as part of healthy breakfast or midday snack provides a mother and her growing fetus with an additional 270 calories, 24 grams of high quality protein and 6 grams of fiber.

Although Vitalizer is a comprehensive nutritional foundation for virtually all adults, there are some components that might not generally be considered essential in a standard prenatal nutrition program. In addition, certain nutrients such as folic acid were not included at levels intended to support a pregnant mother and her growing baby. The use of Vitalizer during pregnancy should be discussed with the Obstetrician, who may wish to suggest an addition 1-2  B complex and OsteoMatrix as stated above if approved for you.

Additional recommendations:

Get Clean Non-Toxic Cleaners and Natural Laundry Proudcts because you should not be cleaning with toxic cleaners (no one should).  If you haven’t switched to natural cleaners now, you really should ASAP.  If not for you, for your baby.  This kit  has everything you need to start cleaning your way to a healthier home.

Enfuselle Skin Care and Natural Hair Care because you should remove all toxins from your home including and especially your what goes on your skin.  Did you know that anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body? Your body is now home for your baby.

Natural Daily Care like toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, etc. because I believe you should take out all toxins.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby!

Thank you for letting me help you create a healthier life for you and your family. Please research the vitamins you are taking. Click here for more information (Coming soon).

Enjoy your time being pregnant,

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