Christmas gift ideas for children

I am always searching for good gift ideas for my children. Gifts that they will actually play with for more than a day or so. Gifts where they can learn something, too are even better!

Gift ideas

I can’t remember what my son wanted when he was five, but I do remember that we got him lots of outdoor toys. We wanted to ensure he had lots to do while outside. Our favorite has been the Fisher Price adjustable basketball hoop. We still have it and the kids like to play with it. Another favorite was the golf club set for children.

When my son was six, he wanted everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My husband wanted him to have a Wii. So, he got a Wii and TMNT toys. He also got a whole TMNT bedroom set. (Mental note: do NOT buy character bedding as they most likely won’t like the same characters after six months).

This year, he wants a new bike and a Nintendo DS. That sounds reasonable enough.

At first my 4-year-old daughter said she wanted whatever Santa brings her. Now the only thing she is saying she wants is to go to visit Barbie’s dream house. That is all she has been requesting, so we will be taking her there.  Although, she did mention she wanted a unicorn (sigh) and the Barbie van that turns into a pool.

When she was three, she wanted everything princess. Her favorite gift was the PJs that look like a princess gown. They were comfortable, which is important to her. She wore them non-stop for about six months. We also got her Rapunzel sheets, which she still uses. She also still plays with the Fisher Price Little People princess set. She asked for a Barbie house, too. My parents saved my old Barbie house, so we gave her that, but she was a little too rough with it.

The husband normally buys what he wants and says it is his Christmas present. I end up just getting him coffee for his stocking. He drinks so much of it we are always running out! This year I was planning on surprising him with a workout package with a personal training. However, he went and joined a gym, so there went my wonderful idea.

As for me, this year I would like some essential oils and a gift card to my favorite Pilates and workout places. There are some great ideas to giving the gift of health here. Last year, I asked for some work out clothes. My favorite Christmas gift was from two years ago and when I bought a Blentec blender. I still use it almost daily! (Yes, I am addicted to smoothies). I also still enjoy my workout DVDs (thanks, brother)!

Some of the gifts my children still play with (that would make great gift ideas):

  • Parents Bee Bop Band – my children have enjoyed this since they were little and still do!
  • Fischer Price little people – My daughter loves the princess castle (pictured above). We are using their Nativity set while we still have little ones.
  • Sport items: basketball, basketball hoop, favorite team jerseys and hoola hoops
  • Outdoor items: scooters, skateboards, sidewalk chalk and bubbles
  • Books or magazine subscriptions – we have been enjoying High Five and now Highlights (thanks grandma and grandpa)!
  • Experiences: Is there any neat places you could bring your child? It doesn’t have to be a huge trip to Disney, but I bet there are some great “staycation” ideas in your local area.

What are you buying as gifts this year? What was your favorite Christmas gift? I’d love to hear it below!

P.S. I was not compensated in any way for this post. All of these ideas are my unbiased opinions.

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  1. Karen says:

    This year is a little different for our family. We are choosing gifts (from names drawn) to only buy for 1 person! One of my favorite gifts was handmade jewelry (necklace n earring set) from my daughter! That is really special to me!

  2. Sherri S says:

    We bought our girls a dirt bike this year. My husband rides and they saved and contributed because they love riding around the property with him! That’s about all they’re getting this year. We started to get one or two gifts that are bigger and more meaningful rather than lots of little stuff. My favorite Christmas present was a New Kids on The Block cassette tape from my dad when I was 8. LOL Sad but true.

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